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Thought Leadership from Expert Toolkit — Transformation

Driving business transformation: Are your expectations realistic?

One of the most fundamental pillars underpinning a business initiative of any kind are the expectations that stakeholders have associated with it. Setting realistic expectations up front can mean the difference between success and abject failure. What expectations are you setting?

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3 steps to creating better customer experiences

Providing an exceptional experience for customers is a core objective for any business serious about growth, brand expansion and financial performance. It’s a complicated mission though, with many traps and obstacles to be encountered along the way. The team at Expert Toolkit share 3 tangible and proven steps you can take for improving any customer experience. 

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5 leadership behaviors essential for transformation success

Running a large transformation program is difficult and the odds of success are not on your side. Role modelling these 5 leadership behaviors will help you taste the champagne of success at the end of journey.

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Forget the process mapping software, get out the brown paper

Sometimes it's not such a great idea to head straight for the process mapping software when looking to drive process improvement. It's possible a lower-tech approach is more advisable for taking process performance to the next level - particularly at the beginning of your journey.

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How to make sense of business innovation

Innovation, it’s everywhere. Everyone is doing it – and doing it well apparently. That’s how it feels sometimes and how plenty of “other organizations” (i.e. your competition) want you to feel. It can be easy to think that way – but the team at Expert Toolkit can assure it’s not that way at all and offer some pragmatic steps for getting innovation flourishing in any organization.

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