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The Journey to Transform Corporate Culture

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A 3 stage process for beginning the journey to transform corporate culture

    Corporate culture is at the heart of every organization. It has been described as "the way things get done around here". Understanding your corporate culture and how it supports (and impedes) business performance and employee engagement is essential as is knowing how to define and implement your desired corporate culture. This Expert Guide will walk you through:

    • Understanding the essentials of organizational culture and its importance to business performance

    • The 4 key dimensions to consider and a simple 3 step process for beginning the journey of transforming an organization’s culture

    • Specific examples, tools, frameworks and models to help design and implement culture transformation in an organization

    • Expert tips and insights for use by the culture transformation practitioner

    This Expert Toolkit Guide will help you quickly assess your current corporate culture and chart a path forward to implement a new culture, co-designed by employees and executives. 

    Document Length: 20 Landscape Pages
    Document Format: PDF

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