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Transformation Initiative Prioritization Tool

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Prioritize and plan your transformation program with Expert Toolkit's Transformation Initiative Prioritization Tool.

Bring structure, objectivity and discipline to the process of designing your transformation program. Our transformation program initiative prioritization tool will help you map out your transformation roadmap by taking a balanced view of the benefits and risks for each potential initiative. The Expert Toolkit Transformation Initiative Prioritization Tool will allow you to assess and prioritize discrete initiatives as part of an overall transformation program. The tool segments each initiative into 4 groups:

  • Strategic - the initiative is strategic in nature and should be subject to a full business case and tested or evaluated with a proof-of-concept before proceeding at scale.
  • Quick-Win - the initiative should be prioritized for resources and necessary investment.
  • Qualify - the initiative should be further assessed before proceeding.
  • Defer - the initiative is not recommended at this time and should potentially be assessed further at a later date.

The tool is based on the approach taken by the experts and has been built to help you operate like an expert. It contains the key variables necessary to analyze and prioritize transformation initiatives in a structured manner:

  • Categories, Sub-Categories and Themes
  • Value, Benefit, Impact and Return
  • Cost, Effort and Complexity

The tool allows filtering of initiatives by various means and presents a clean prioritization grid outlining the suggested treatment and priority for each. The tool will also report the top initiatives based on your specified criteria. This product is based in Microsoft Excel and is ready-to-use and fully customizable.

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