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The Management Consulting Toolkit

The Management Consulting Toolkit contains 50 of the most useful, versatile and value-adding tools used by management consultants the world-over. The tools focus on business analysis and transformation and cover key consulting disciplines such as:1) Business performance analysis; 2) Future state design; 3) Transformation planning; 4) Transformation execution; 5) Project management; 6) Change management; 7) Team management.

These tools have all stood the test of time, and the team at Expert Toolkit believes they will continue to be relevant, powerful and value-adding in the hands of the competent practitioner. They will save you time, stress, frustration and help you make a greater impact and deliver long-lasting business value. Like everything on Expert Toolkit, these are tools and techniques used by experts and built by experts.

Here is what is included in the Management Consulting Toolkit: Accelerated SWOT Analysis Tool; Benchmarking Assessment Template; Business Diagnostic Findings Template; Business Initiative Project Charter; Capability Gap Assessment Template; Cost-Benefit Assessment Framework; Customer Experience Design Framework; Data Collection Plan Template; Failure Mode Effects Analysis Template; Five Whys Analysis; Future State Process Change Framework; Hypothesis Capture Template; Initiative Prioritization Map; Jidoka Board; Pain Point Analysis Tool; PEST Analysis Trend Matrix; Process Flow Analysis Framework; Process Issues Summary Template; Project Status Update Template; RACI Matrix Template; Root Cause Analysis; SIPOC Analysis; Solution Assessment & Prioritization; Solution Ideation & Ranking Framework; Swimlane Process Map Template; The ABCD Tool; Activity Accountability Plan Template; Business Metrics Framework; Business Stakeholder Map; Business Stakeholder Tracking Tool; Business Transformation Guiding Principles Template; Business Transformation Recommendation Template; Business Transformation Framework; Business Vision