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The Customer Guru

From the team at Expert Toolkit comes the Customer Guru with everything you need to be a leader, innovator, advocate and value creator for the customer. This Expert Toolkit Bundle contains 10 customer-focused tools, training guides, best practices and lessons combined into a single package for anyone wanting to be a Guru in Customer Value and Experience. These are the tools and techniques used by experts and built by experts.

Here's what you get: The Essentials of SIPOC Modelling; Guide to the 5 Whys Method; Guide to the Voice of the Customer Method; Guide to Customer Requirements Engineering; Introduction to Kano Analysis; Step by Step Guide to House of Quality; Guide to Hypotheses-based Analysis; How to be a Great Facilitator; Brown Paper Process Mapping; Mastering Customer Value Analysis.

With these tools and knowledge you will be able to lead any organization towards a path of delivering more value to customers and a better customer experience more consistently. In an age when customer expectations are increasing and preferences are changing, organizations are scrambling to do better - they are looking for Customer Gurus to help them get there.

This book contains over 170 content-rich pages of methods, guides, tools, training material and best practice tips in a professionally bound glossy 8.5" by 11" book. Other titles from the team at Expert Toolkit include the Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle, Business Improvement Champion Bundle, Master Change Practitioner, The Business Analysis Toolkit, The Business Transformation Toolkit, Strategic Advisor Bundle, Market Analysis Mega Bundle and the Management Consulting Toolkit.