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Red background with white text stating "The Change Practitioner" and a subtitle "the essential guides, knowledge, templates and tools for stakeholder management to get you operating as a competent change practitioner. (Amazon)

The Change Practitioner

From the team at Expert Toolkit - everything you need to be a high impact Change Management Practitioner.

This Expert Toolkit Bundle contains 6 components - combined into a single package for anyone needing to rapidly become skilled in Change Management and needing the essential tools to get the job done. This Bundle contains the following modules: Mastering Change Management; Crash Course in Stakeholder Management; A Guide to Using RACI; How to be a great Facilitator; Templates for Change Readiness Assessment and Stakeholder Mapping & Communications; Automatic Stakeholder Mapping Tool.

You will get the knowledge and guidance you need plus the tools to be able to make it happen. You will save time and get to a level of proficiency in Change Management quickly with this Expert Toolkit Bundle.

This product contains over 80 content-rich pages of methods, guides, tools, templates, lessons and best practice tips in a professionally bound glossy 8.5" by 11" book.

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