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A graphic titled "The Business Transformation Toolkit" featuring a suitcase icon with a circular arrow, with text describing it as containing twenty-five proven, value-adding tools and templates for business transformation. The background is red. Brand Name: Amazon

The Business Transformation Toolkit

This toolkit from the team at Expert Toolkit contains 25 tools and templates to help accelerate and de-risk any business transformation program. These are the tools and templates used by top tier consultants and transformation professionals.

These tools will save you time, stress, frustration and help you make a greater impact and deliver long-lasting business value. Like everything on Expert Toolkit, these are tools and techniques used by experts and built by experts.

Here is what is included in the Business Transformation Toolkit: The ABCD Tool; Activity Accountability Plan Template; Business Metrics Framework; Business Stakeholder Map; Business Stakeholder Tracking Tool; Business Transformation Guiding Principles Template; Business Transformation Recommendation Template; Business Transformation Framework; Business Vision Template; Communications Plan Template; Operating Model Template; Operating Rhythm Template; Organization Impact Assessment Template; Project Evaluation Template; Project Issues Register; Project Risk Register; Project Status Report Template; Project Executive Update Template; Resource Management Plan Template; Strategy Pyramid; Team Temperature Check Tool; Transformation Conclusion Survey; Transformation Map Template; Transformation Readiness Checklist; Transformation Readiness Survey.

You get a total of 25 individual templates and tools, each with clear instructions to ensure you understand "what the tool is", "when to use the tool", "why you should use the tool" and most importantly "how to use the tool".This toolkit contains over 100 pages of material - guaranteed to lift your performance, save you time and be a reference you turn to again and again over the course of your career.