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The image features a dark red background with a logo of a white briefcase and refresh symbol at the top left. It's titled "The Business Improvement Champion" by Amazon in white text, followed by a description.

The Business Improvement Champion

From the team at Expert Toolkit comes the Business Improvement Champion - a complete package to turn you into a real Business Improvement Champion.

This Expert Toolkit Bundle is jam packed with 11 proven guides, tools and templates to make you a champion in the skills of business improvement. This bundle will help you build essential skills and capabilities for lifting the performance of any business.

This Bundle contains the following items: Guide to Balanced Scorecards; The Essentials of SIPOC Modelling; Affinity Diagrams; Using the 5 Whys Method; Practical Guide to the 5S Method; Guide to Hypotheses-based Analysis; How to be a Great Facilitator; Brown Paper Process Mapping; Guide to Visual Management for Executives; Guide to Process Improvement Benefits Cases; Templates for Process Improvement Project Charter, SIPOC and Process Improvement Benefits Cases.

You will learn how to uncover causes of business under-performance, drive efficiency, lift productivity, bring people together to solve problems, instill a high performance culture, implement best business practices, develop a business case for improvement and get everyone in the organization moving in one direction towards a single performance goal.

This product contains over 180 content-rich pages of methods, guides, tools in a professionally bound glossy 8.5" by 11" book.

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