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Solution Assessment Method Guide & Template

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A proven approach for assessing the value and risk associated with potential business improvement solutions.

The Solution Assessment Method is a proven approach for evaluating potential business improvement solutions and initiatives across a range of essential dimensions. The approach provides an objective lens when reviewing potential solutions that are identified to address business performance issues and their underlying root causes. The method is highly adaptable, easily customized to suit the specific application and accommodate different assessment criteria and weightings.

The Solution Assessment Method is best suited once current state analysis has been conducted and a clear, accurate view of business performance issues, pain points are understood and potential solutions have been ideated. With the potential solutions that have been brainstormed or proposed, the Solution Assessment Method can be utilized to evaluate and prioritize the solutions with the aim of selecting the solutions which deliver the greatest business value with the least risk.

The Solution Assessment Method is proven, flexible, adaptable and easy to use. It is intuitive for stakeholders involved in the process and for those who get to see and endorse the outcomes. The technique brings the right level of objectivity to what can be a political and subjective exercise, but without bogging down a business improvement program in overly complex and time wasting analysis.

Document Length: 6 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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