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Market Analysis Mega Bundle: All the essential tools you need for analyzing the critical dimensions of just about any market. - Expert Toolkit

Market Analysis Mega Bundle

  • The Market Analysis Bundle contains 7 detailed how-to guides, methods, templates and techniques in a single, comprehensive package. These are the essential tools proven to deliver deep insights and significant business value through the analysis of just about any market situation - across customer, product, segments or competition. If you are working in a role associated with market development, segmentation, entry strategy, expansion, competitive analysis then you need to know these methods.
    In this Expert Toolkit Bundle you'll learn: How to do Customer Value Analysis; How to do Market Segmentation Analysis; How to do Market Sizing & Share Analysis; How to do Value Chain Analysis; How to do SWOT Analysis; How to do Product Lifecycle Analysis; How to do Competition Analysis.

    The bundle can be used to educate yourself and lift your own capabilities, or educate others who need to have skills and capabilities in the field of market analysis and market development.

    Being able to lead, guide and inform an organization through the use of these analytic methods is a highly valuable skill - quite rare in fact. Your ability to derive insights about a market in a structured, quantitative manner will make you an impact player.

    This bundle contains over 150 content-rich pages of methods, detailed instructions, templates, best practices, expert tips and guides.

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