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Management Consulting Toolkit

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Fifty of the most versatile and value-adding tools used by the world’s leading business analysts, transformation experts and management consultants.

The Management Consulting Toolkit  contains 50 of the most useful, versatile and value-adding tools used by management consultants the world-over. The tools focus on business analysis and transformation and cover key consulting disciplines such as:

  • Business performance analysis
  • Future state design
  • Transformation planning
  • Transformation execution
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Team management

These tools have all stood the test of time, and the team at Expert Toolkit believes they will continue to be relevant, powerful and value-adding in the hands of the competent practitioner. They will save you time, stress, frustration and help you make a greater impact and deliver long-lasting business value. Like everything on Expert Toolkit, these are tools and techniques used by experts and built by experts. Here is what is included in the Management Consulting Toolkit: 

  1. Accelerated SWOT Analysis Tool
  2. Benchmarking Assessment Template
  3. Business Diagnostic Findings Template
  4. Business Initiative Project Charter
  5. Capability Gap Assessment Template
  6. Cost-Benefit Assessment Framework
  7. Customer Experience Design Framework
  8. Data Collection Plan Template
  9. Failure Mode Effects Analysis Template
  10. Five Whys Analysis
  11. Future State Process Change Framework
  12. Hypothesis Capture Template
  13. Initiative Prioritization Map
  14. Jidoka Board
  15. Pain Point Analysis Tool
  16. PEST Analysis Trend Matrix
  17. Process Flow Analysis Framework
  18. Process Issues Summary Template
  19. Project Status Update Template
  20. RACI Matrix Template
  21. Root Cause Analysis
  22. SIPOC Analysis
  23. Solution Assessment & Prioritization
  24. Solution Ideation & Ranking Framework
  25. Swimlane Process Map Template
  26. The ABCD Tool
  27. Activity Accountability Plan Template
  28. Business Metrics Framework
  29. Business Stakeholder Map
  30. Business Stakeholder Tracking Tool
  31. Business Transformation Guiding Principles Template
  32. Business Transformation Recommendation Template
  33. Business Transformation Framework
  34. Business Vision Template
  35. Communications Plan Template
  36. Operating Model Template
  37. Operating Rhythm Template
  38. Organization Impact Assessment Template
  39. Project Evaluation Template
  40. Project Issues Register
  41. Project Risk Register
  42. Project Status Report Template
  43. Project Executive Update Template
  44. Resource Management Plan Template
  45. Strategy Pyramid
  46. Team Temperature Check Tool
  47. Transformation Conclusion Survey
  48. Transformation Map Template
  49. Transformation Readiness Checklist
  50. Transformation Readiness Survey
You get a total of 50 individual templates and tools, each with clear instructions to ensure you understand "what the tool is", "when to use the tool", "why you should use the tool" and most importantly "how to use the tool".

This toolkit contains over 200 pages of material - guaranteed to lift your performance, save you time and be a reference you turn to again and again over the course of your career.

These tools will make you a better management consultant or your money back!

All Expert Toolkit Products come with a complete money back guaranteeThe team at Expert Toolkit are so confident that the Management Consulting Toolkit will make you a better management consultant that we offer a complete money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. Buy it, use the tools and if you’re not completely satisfied, let us know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.

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