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Business Consulting Basics - Expert Toolkit

Business Consulting Basics

  • From the team at Expert Toolkit comes Business Consulting Basics with the 10 fundamental business consulting tools, techniques and methods to kick-start your business consulting career.

    This Expert Toolkit Bundle really is mega. It contains 10 guides, methods and techniques compiled into a single, gigantic, high impact package. These are the things you "just need to know" if you want to be a high performance operator in business. These are the methods recommended by the team at Expert Toolkit for anyone just starting out their career in business - looking to develop a solid base of skills to build upon. These tools are also some of the most common taught and used by all the major consulting firms.

    These are tools and techniques used by experts and built by experts. Here's what you get in this Mega Bundle: How to be a Great Facilitator; Affinity Diagrams; How to use the 5 Whys Method; Guide to Productivity Business Cases; How to do Data Collection Planning; Introduction to the RACI Process; How to do Brown Paper Process Mapping; Guide to Hypotheses-based Analysis; The Essentials of Porter's Five Forces; Introduction to PEST Analysis.

    This book contains over 150 content-rich pages of methods, guides, tools, training material, best practices and templates in a professionally bound glossy 8.5" by 11" book.

    Other titles from the team at Expert Toolkit include the Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle, Business Improvement Champion Bundle, Master Change Practitioner, The Business Analysis Toolkit, The Business Transformation Toolkit, Strategic Advisor Bundle, Market Analysis Mega Bundle and the Management Consulting Toolkit.

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