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Benchmarking Assessment Guide & Template

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A concise layout for comparing the performance and practices of peer organizations as part of a business diagnostic.

The Benchmarking Assessment Template is a clear and simple framework for allowing organizations to be compared across a range of practices, performance measures, metrics or operational attributes in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. It can be easily tailored to suit the number of organizations or dimensions being compared, in addition to allowing other qualitative aspects to be highlighted as part of the read-out.

The Benchmarking Assessment Template is best utilized as part of an analysis or diagnostic exercise where peer comparisons are being made across multiple organizations with the aim of highlighting areas of significant variation. It is particularly useful when needing to convey comparator variations to a senior executive audience or wide group stakeholders who need to be engaged and involved in action to address apparent performance or practice deficiencies. 

Document Length: 9 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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