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Being a Professional Consultant

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Learn the principles, guidelines, ethics and rules for being a truly professional consultant

    Being a competent consultant is one thing, being a professional consultant is another entirely. The most professional consultants display exemplary ethics, discipline, judgement, values and objectivity. In this Expert Guide we will outline all of the essential items you need to know in order to be a truly professional consultant. We will walk you through:

    • What it means to be a professional consultant and how consulting is different to line management

    • The ley behaviors essential to anyone who aspires to be an exceptional consultant

    • Expert tips across a diverse range of professionalism topics such as behavior, team work, preparation, objectivity

    • A set of “Do and Don’t” items – essential for being considered a truly professional consultant

    • Guidelines every consultant needs to know on ethics, confidentiality and following the law.

    With this concise guide, you can take your experience, skills and knowledge to another level - where you will be considered by your clients, colleagues and peers to be a bona fide professional consultant. 

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