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The most popular tools used by the leading management consultants

Increase your productivity. Get a promotion. Work smarter. Improve your business. Secure a job in consulting. What's your goal?

The Management Consulting Toolkit by Expert Toolkit has 50 of the best tools used by the world's leading consulting firms. Learn skills for strategy, business analysis, operations improvement, operating models, business transformation, process excellence, customer experience, project management, change management, team leadership & stakeholder management.

Management Consulting Toolkit Paperback

The toolkit includes how-to guides to help you quickly learn how to use each tool for maximum impact. You get over 200 pages of tools, templates, examples, tips & instructions. See what previous customers have to say:

"I use it every day in my work and can't tell you how much it has helped me" Michelle V, Business Analyst, San Jose CA


"I used to think I was not smart enough to be a management consultant - not any more!." Iain M, Management Consultant, London UK


"Really helped me improve my business - my whole team use the toolkit now and it has allowed us to all talk the same language" Randy M, Operations Team Leader, Omaha NE


"As an independent contractor the toolkit has helped me deliver more value to my clients than ever before" Sarah S, Finance & IT Consultant, Melbourne Australia

These tools will help you reach your goals or your money back! 

All Expert Toolkit Products come with a complete money back guaranteeWe are so confident the Management Consulting Toolkit will make you more productive, get you working smarter, help you get that promotion that we offer a money-back guarantee should you not be 100% satisfied. Buy it today, start using the tools & if you’re not completely satisfied, let us know for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Get the tools used by the best management consultants. Don't miss out any longer!
Management Consulting Business Transformation Framework

Here's are the tools you get in the toolkit.

  1. Accelerated SWOT Tool
  2. Benchmarking Assessment Framework
  3. Business Diagnostic Tool
  4. Business Initiative Charter Template
  5. Capability Gap Assessment Template
  6. Cost-Benefit Assessment Framework
  7. Customer Experience Design Model
  8. Data Collection Plan Template
  9. Failure Mode & Effect Analysis Template
  10. Five Whys Analysis Framework
  11. Future State Design Framework
  12. Strategic Hypothesis Template
  13. Initiative Prioritization Tool
  14. Jidoka Board Template
  15. Pain Point Analysis Model
  16. PEST Analysis Matrix
  17. Process Flow Framework
  18. Process Issues Template
  19. Project Status Template
  20. RACI Matrix Template
  21. Root Cause Analysis
  22. SIPOC Analysis Tool
  23. Solution Prioritization Model
  24. Solution Ideation Template
  25. Swimlane Process Model
  1. ABCD Tool
  2. Activity Accountability Plan
  3. Business Metrics Framework
  4. Stakeholder Mapping Tool
  5. Stakeholder Tracking Tool
  6. Transformation Principles 
  7. Recommendation Template
  8. Transformation Framework
  9. Business Vision Template
  10. Communications Plan Template
  11. Operating Model Framework
  12. Operating Rhythm Framework
  13. Impact Assessment Tool
  14. Project Evaluation Tool
  15. Issues Register Template
  16. Risk Register Template
  17. Status Report Template
  18. Executive Update Template
  19. Resource Plan Template
  20. Strategy Pyramid
  21. Team Temperature Check Tool
  22. Business Transformation Survey
  23. Transformation Mapping Tool
  24. Transformation Readiness Checklist
  25. Transformation Readiness Survey

What are you waiting for? Increase your productivity. Get that promotion. Work smarter. Improve your business. Secure that job in consulting.