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The business consulting basics mega bundle now available in print!

Get your copy of the business consulting bundle in print.

The team at Expert Toolkit is happy to announce the fourth of our bundle products to be available in print is our Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle. It comes as a huge 150 page book in Letter Size (11" by 8.5") which makes it a great size for slipping into your laptop bag while also allowing plenty of room to capture your own notes as you work through the material. 

The Business Consulting Basics Bundle by Expert Toolkit - Management Consulting and Business Analysis Tools

The Business Consulting Basics Bundle by Expert Toolkit

This bundle is perfect for anyone starting out their business consulting or business management career. It has 10 of the most useful, versatile and powerful tools every good consultant needs, including: RACI, Affinity Diagrams, The 5 Whys Method, Data Collection Planning, Brown Paper Process Mapping, Hypotheses-based Analysis, Facilitation, PEST Analysis, Porter's Five Forces and Productivity Business Cases. 

You can pickup your copy of the Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle right here on or If you are an Amazon Prime Member you get free 2 day shipping for the bundle.

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