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Practical Guide to the 5S Approach

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Drive workplace excellence and productivity with the 5S approach!

This Expert Tool will provide you with the knowledge you need to apply the important principles and approach of 5S. 5S is as much a philosophy as it is an approach - and it is a critical foundation supporting broader business excellence objectives with a particular emphasis on culture and process improvement. The 5S approach will help you make a significant impact in the workplace environment and lead a culture of excellence. Use 5S when you are looking to introduce lean principles and a culture of quality and continuous improvement in your workplace. This Expert Toolkit will provide you with: 

  • A baseline understanding of 5S thinking and how it can deliver value in a business operations context
  • The key steps involved in the practical application of 5S
  • Examples and templates to help you apply 5S
  • Advice and tips to help you apply the 5S approach effectively

Document Length: 27 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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