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How to use the 5 Whys Method

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Get to the root cause of critical business problems with the 5 Whys Method!

This Expert Tool will provide you with the knowledge you need to utilize the 5 Whys approach. 5 Whys is a very flexible and powerful approach to solving business problems where you need to get to the root cause quickly. The 5 Whys approach is particularly good in situations where there are a variety of stakeholders involved, not a lot of data that can be analysed to derive insights - and you need to get to deep insights quickly. Armed with the knowledge outlined in this document you will be able drive value to your business and make an impact by:

  • Going beyond the superficial in problem solving to find the real root cause
  • Introducing a powerful technique that is fast, flexible but structured
  • Enabling you to get to root cause quickly and move into solution development

The 5 Whys approach will serve you well when interviewing senior stakeholders and facilitating team sessions tasked with finding the cause of complex business problems.

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Document Format: PDF

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