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Understanding Organization Structures (Part 2)

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Learn the expanse of organizational structure options and how they differentiate.

This Expert Toolkit Guide is essential for anyone looking to provide strategic advice in the area of organizational development and structuring. It is also essential for any leader or HR professional considering different scenarios for business reorganization in order to maximize performance. This guide is concise, easy to understand and comprehensive in its coverage of another 5 of the most commonly used organizational structures, including: 

  1. Process Organization
  2. Holding Company
  3. Strategic Alliance
  4. Parent Company
  5. Network Organization

    For each of the organizational structures covered, you'll get a condensed understanding of their characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and Expert Tips for consideration when exploring different organizational structure options. This guide will help you ramp up fast and start adding value immediately!

    Document Length: 19 Landscape Pages
    Document Format: PDF

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