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Transformation Readiness Survey Guide and Template

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A focused staff questionnaire to assess readiness and support for transformation business change.

The Transformation Readiness Survey is a questionnaire that can be utilized with staff, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders to understand their preparedness for major business transformation. The survey helps to formulate a broad view of the perspectives, attitudes and concerns of a wide variety of individuals who will be impacted by a business transformation initiative. Once the survey has been delivered, the information gathered can be utilized to make any necessary program adjustments (e.g. communications).

For any Business Transformation Program to be successful and move through the awareness, acceptance, adoption cycle successfully, it is imperative that impacted stakeholders are understood, engaged and have their concerns promptly addressed. This survey is a simple, but proven mechanism for gauging the current disposition of personnel impacted by a business transformation program, gathering critical data that allows for effective responses to be designed and delivered to address any concerns and risks.

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