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Transformation Guiding Principles Template & Guide

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Align stakeholders around the key principles that are essential to the design and delivery of a business transformation program.

The Transformation Guiding Principles Template is a structure for defining and capturing a set of guiding principles that can be utilized to shape and inform the design and delivery of a major business transformation program. The principles captured should represent a set of agreements, givens, attributes or “design criteria” that can be used to make critical decisions and shape the design of the end-state operating model and transformation program.

A compelling, clear transformation vision and robust future state design that has buy-in from necessary stakeholders is critical to any business transformation. Establishing a set of guiding principles is a proven mechanism for developing a strong design that delivers on the vision and needs of the business – thus setting up the transformation program for success from the outset.

Document Length: 7 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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