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The ultimate sit-to-stand motorized work or home office desk

  • We absolutely love this desk. Keep your energy and productivity at its peak with this beautiful high quality desk allowing you to sit and stand in a variety of positions.

    Why this one is top of the pack:

    • Solid one piece top with no seams in the wood
    • Excellent color choices: white, black, butchers block, dark wood, reclaimed wood.
    • Programmable high settings making it easy to shift the desk to your favorite heights
    • Very easy to assemble - about 10-15minutes.
    • Powerful whisper quiet motors with smooth motorized up and down motion
    • Super stable - steel feet, dual motors and single piece wood top make this desk rock solid (no wobbles like other desks).
    • Great service and support including a 5 year warranty

    If you want a sitting/standing desk in your office (you need one!) - this is our strong preference. Its high quality, sturdiness and beauty set it apart from the rest! 

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