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The Strategic Influencer Tool

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Become a strategic influencer and get the decisions you want with this structured tool and process.

The Strategic Influencer Tool is a proven framework and approach for influencing a decision maker towards accepting a proposal that you have presented, with structured arguments and rationale. The tool uses a step-by-step process to help you understand stakeholders, objections and consequences in order to build a compelling argument for the decision maker.

The Strategic Influencer Tool can be used in any situation that involves some sort of proposal / recommendation that needs to be endorsed or agreed-to be a decision maker – and where there is a level of resistance or objection to agreeing to that proposition. Example situations include: contract negotiation (getting the other party to agree to an item you are proposing), asking for a promotion, requesting approval for project funding, any other business request that is likely going to face resistance.

Getting a decision maker to agree to a proposal you have made requires a thoughtful, structured approach. Decision makers cannot be “forced” into your way of thinking – they need to be convinced and persuaded. This tool will help you take a methodical approach to thinking through objections, stakeholders, consequence and building a compelling proposition for the decision maker to agree to.

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