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The Situation-Complication-Resolution Framework

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A concise model for clearly defining business challenges and outlining strategies and solutions

The Situation-Complication-Resolution Framework is simple, powerful - but also perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misused tools often used by management consultants and advisors alike.

The value of the Situation-Complication-Resolution Framework (when used properly) is that it allows the author to specify clearly "we are here, there is a problem, here is what we need to do about it". Equally, it allows the audience to efficiently understand these dynamics, ask targeted questions, seek clarification and get aligned on the solution. 

The Situation-Complication-Resolution Framework has been used extensively by management consultants and executive advisors for decades. The power of the Situation-Complication-Resolution Framework is through its ability to crisply and concisely tell a story to the audience and use that as a basis to instigate necessary change or transformation. It also helps to frame the journey of going from “problem -> analysis -> solution identification”.

Use the Expert Toolkit Situation-Complication Framework guide and template to help you write them well and avoid the most common mistakes we have seen when people use this great tool. 

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