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The Jidoka Board Method Guide & Template

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A structured, agile and disciplined method for identifying drivers of business process problems and operational issues.

Jidoka is a core pillar of lean thinking that requires management to develop processes that stop “production” immediately  whenever an error or issue occurs. This stoppage then necessitates immediate error highlighting, resolution and error-proofing. At the heart of the philosophy is the principle that every user of a business process has the permission to stop a poorly operating process or raise issues that require remediation to improve performance. This makes Jidoka a powerful business analysis method.

Jidoka has incredible versatility and facilitates a range of perspectives being gathered in a short time period through its inclusive nature. It is therefore very useful in situations where there is a high degree of time pressure associated with solving a business performance issue and there are a range of stakeholders with insights regarding issues and likely causes. It can be used in one-on-one settings or in workshops. It is also particularly powerful in an operational setting – facilitating continuous process improvement.

The Jidoka Method is effective at getting to potential business problem drivers quickly. Although qualitative in nature, the structured questioning and probing combined with the collective knowledge of a range of stakeholders makes it particularly useful in discovering problem drivers quickly and then using the knowledge gathered during problem identification to begin solution ideation, development and implementation.

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