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Team Temperature Check Tool & Guide

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A simple tool for gathering feedback and optimizing individual and team performance.

The Team Temperature Check Tool is a simple mechanism for gathering feedback from project team members, workshop participants or other stakeholders involved in the delivery of an initiative or business event. The tool can be easily customized to suit the specific needs of the user and the feedback being sought from respondents. The tool allows critical information to be gathered quickly and for project adjustments to be made based on responses received.

The Team Temperature Check Tool is ideally suited for use during a major business workshop or event that involves a wide variety of participants and stakeholders. It can also be used at various stages of a business project to gather team input anonymously and use this input to make modifications to items such as roles, approach, behaviors, scope, activities, deliverables or timeframes. The tool can be used in paper form or can be converted into a form of electronic survey.

The Team Temperature Check Tool is very easy to administer but very powerful in terms of the team insights that can be gathered and utilized quickly. Team dynamics in a workshop or project are extremely critical and uncovering and addressing any team performance issues is paramount to operating as a high performing team aligned to the accomplishment of project objectives.

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