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Swim Lane Process Map Guide & Template

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A proven approach for laying out a process in order to provide clarity around responsibilities, steps, decisions and flows.

The Swim Lane Process Map is a proven, logical and concise method for laying out a business or operational process in a way that provides clarity on core elements such as process actors, decision points, process steps and sequential flows. The approach and the format of the process map also accommodate additional notations and highlights to be added to draw attention to specific areas of interest, such as a process deficiencies, process volume data or opportunities for improvement.

The Swim Lane Process Map is effective in two distinct business analysis situations. Firstly, it is effective at laying out a current state business process, highlighting key issues and socializing the process among stakeholders for awareness and agreement. Secondly, the same format is well suited for capturing a proposed future state – with emphasis given to recommended or proposed process changes and improvements to address identified gaps in the current state process.

The Swim Lane Process Map is effective at capturing and conveying the core elements of any process being analyzed. It is simple, logical and minimizes the risk that important call outs within a process will get lost in a overly convoluted process diagram. A good process map should be readily understood by any business professional – and those with knowledge of the actual process should be able to confidently confirm that the process map represents reality. This tool enables this to occur.

Document Length: 6 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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