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Solution Ideation & Ranking Method Guide & Template

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A structured and proven approach for brainstorming and prioritizing business improvement initiatives.

Solution Ideation and Ranking is a proven, structured approach for brainstorming and prioritizing potential business improvement initiatives. The method utilizes a scoring system to measure the positive impact of potential business improvement projects against a set of targeted business metrics. The metrics should be chosen based on identified areas within the business where performance improvement is desired and the metrics are confirmed measures of associated performance improvement in the area.

This method is useful when exploring potential initiatives to drive business improvement. It is best used after current state analysis has been performed and there is general agreement on what areas within the business are in need of performance improvement. The method is effective in workshop settings and the steps outlined on the following page can be used by a competent facilitator with an audience of stakeholders to arrive at a good outcome – a finite set of prioritized initiatives to assess further.

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Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint

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