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Simple Process Mapping Guide and Templates

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A structured method to facilitate understanding, agreement and improvement in any business process.

Simple process mapping is a proven method for capturing a business process in a standardized fashion which can then be the basis for understanding, analysis, improvement or transformation. Simple process mapping aims to capture the key characteristics of a process in a set of structured templates which clearly describe the process, outline key quantitative measures, people involved, opportunities for improvement, roles and responsibilities, as well a mapping the process itself using a standard “flow” layout.

The ideal time to use simple process mapping is when clarity is needed on how a business process currently works – particularly in situations where the process is believed to be under performing, creating business risk or diminishing business value. Simple process mapping can also be used as the basis for developing work instructions (in training for example), to facilitate greater understanding of how things “really work”, to gain agreement on roles and responsibilities and to uncover issues and blockers.

The method is very straightforward but powerful. The templates allow the focus to be on the content of the process, developing deeper understanding, greater clarity on process steps and owners and to quickly identify opportunities for improvements. The method and the templates are very effective in a group setting – such as a workshop or collaborative design session. The output is also very useful when communicating issues or opportunities to broader groups of stakeholders.

Document Length: 27 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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