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Project Business Case Template

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A best-practice template for documenting your project's business case.

This Expert Template for project business cases will help ensure you develop a robust business case, with the critical information necessary for communicating with stakeholders and obtaining project approval. A solid business case, based on logic and presented in a clear and concise manner is essential for any project. This template has been built based on what we know works. It contains all of the elements that you need, with nothing you don't. Of course, being a template you can customize it to your specific needs - add your own logo, add sections, modify sections.

The template contains embedded Microsoft Excel tables for capturing costs, benefits and working out return on investment, internal rate of return and payback - all of which are key metrics that your investment committee or funding group will be expecting to see. 

This product contains 15 pages, is very easy to use and will save you significant time, effort and stress. Most importantly the template will ensure that you are creating a business case based on what works, proven good practices and contains the necessary information stakeholders will be expecting to see.

Still wondering if you need a business case and what it should contain? Check out the Expert Toolkit Insights Blog on Why you need a Business Case.

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