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Project Business Case Template

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A template that follows the best practises for documenting the business case for your project.

Utilizing our Expert Template for project business cases will assist you in ensuring that you build a solid business case that contains the vital information that is required for engaging with stakeholders and securing project approval. It is crucial for each project to have a robust business case that is grounded in logic and presented in a way that is both clear and succinct. This model has been constructed on the basis of what we have found to be successful. It provides you with everything you need and none of the things that you don't, all in one convenient package. Since it is a template, of course it may be tailored to your own requirements; you can include your own logo, add sections, or edit existing ones.

This document has embedded tables from Microsoft Excel that can be used to record costs and benefits, as well as calculate return on investment, internal rate of return, and payback. These are all important metrics that your investment committee or funding group will be looking for when they review your proposal.

This product is incredibly simple to use, has a total of 15 pages, and will help you save a large amount of time, effort, and tension. Most importantly, the template will guarantee that you are building a business case based on what works, established good practises, and includes the crucial information stakeholders would be expecting to see. This is the most significant benefit the template provides.

Still wondering if you need a business case and what it should contain? Check out the Expert Toolkit Insights Blog on Why you need a Business Case.

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