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Organization Impact Assessment Template and Guide

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A concise framework for assessing the impact of a transformation on an organization across 8 key dimensions.

The Organization Impact Assessment Template is a concise framework for assessing the extent to which an organization (group, team, function) will be impacted by a transformation program. It allows the user to assess the degree of impact across 8 key and proven dimensions. Based on this assessment, the user can then define strategies and tactics to ensure the organizational change is implemented successfully with changes understood, prepared for and risks mitigated effectively.

When delivering any business transformation it is critical to understand the impacts to each and every business unit, function and team. With this knowledge, appropriate change management actions or design changes can be incorporated to ensure that the transformation is successful. This template is simple to use and will help any practitioner assess organizational impact across the 8 key dimensions.

Document Length: 7 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint

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