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Operating Model Template

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A user-friendly, proven and configurable template for capturing and representing a business operating model.

The Operating Model Template is framework for taking some of the mystery and struggle out of putting an operating model down on paper. People often find it difficult to draw a single-page operating model to suitably represent the current or future state of a business, organization or function. The Operating Model Template is aimed at making this easier by including the typical, core components of a good operating model and allowing the effort to go into modifying the model and populating the components to suit.

The Operating Model Template will save you time and frustration when looking to describe a business operating model. It is highly versatile in its application as well as being infinitely configurable to suit the needs of the situation. The Operating Model Template will work for all but the most complex operating model exercises and will allow the user to focus on the contents and engagement with stakeholders rather than worrying about “a good layout”. This structure just works and works well.

Document Length: 9 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint

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