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The 100 Day Plan Template

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Start your new role or initiative with clarity of focus using our proven approach and template

The 100-day plan template is a structured format to help prioritize activities and focus areas on a single page. The template is set out in a manner that makes it easy to capture the information that is essential, in an easy-to-read format. 100 Day plans are typically created by executives when moving into a new role or embarking on an initiative that requires a tight focus to achieve certain outcomes in a fixed period (100 days in this case). The plan can be modified to suit any time period being used (30 days, 180 days, etc.)

We recommend using the 100 Day plan when moving into a role, launching an initiative or in any situation whereby a clear focus is required for a dedicated window of time. Common uses of the 100 Day Plan are a) change in formal job roles; b) taking on new responsibilities; c) conducting a job search; d) launching a business initiative or venture; e) preparing for a promotion; f) after receiving a promotion; g) as part of a performance development or improvement plan. The potential situations are nearly endless.

Starting any new role, initiative or endeavor typically comes laden with unknowns, distractions, uncertainty and competing priorities. A clear 100 Day plan can help cut through these obstacles, secure the support of your key stakeholders and set you up for success with its structured and proven format for charting a clear course of action.

Document Length: 9 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint

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