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Mastering Value Chain Analysis

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Understand where value is being created and identify areas of competitive advantage or disadvantage.

Value chain analysis is a useful approach for identifying value and cost drivers within a business. It is an powerful tool that:

  • Supports conducting competitive analysis by identifying value creating stages
  • Aids in identifying cost drivers and non-value adding activities performed
  • Helps identify areas for improvement or potential competitive advantage
  • Assists with identifying value creation opportunities across suppliers and customers
In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn the key principles, benefits, limitations of value chain analysis in addition to obtaining a detailed walk-through of a proven four step process for performing value chain analysis:
  1. Identifying and mapping of the industry value chain
  2. Assigning costs, revenues and assets
  3. Determining cost drivers
  4. Identifying competitive advantages 

This How-to Guide is available online to our Premium Members. It is not available for separate purchase for non-members but is included in our Mastering Market Analysis Book.


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