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Mastering Market Sizing & Share Analysis

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An essential method for analyzing a market and developing a robust business strategy.

In this Expert Toolkit Guide you will get what you need to be able to perform a market sizing analysis and a market share analysis.

  • Market share analysis is used to determine the absolute and relative power of competitors compared with each other, customers and suppliers
  • Market sizing analysis is used to determine the total current and future potential revenue for all competitors in a market across new and existing products and services

In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn the background and purpose of market sizing and share analysis in addition to a detailed walk-through of the proven method for performing the analysis, including:

  1. The commonly accepted ratios and metrics
  2. How to define the scope & objectives
  3. How to develop a sizing estimate 
  4. How to verify your calculations and assumptions

Market sizing and share analysis is a foundational capability for determining the attractiveness of a segment including its size, growth rates and relative performance compared with other businesses or segments.. Being able to guide and lead an organization through a market sizing and share analysis will make you an extremely high value individual.

Document Length: 18 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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