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Mastering Product Life Cycle Analysis

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Develop a strong marketing strategy based on forecast sales and the likely behaviors of customers and competitors.

Product life cycle analysis is a proven method for predicting how sales will develop based on the age of a product category. It is based upon the theory of life cycle analysis which presumes that sales and profitability follow a predictable pattern for any industry and any product category within each industry.

In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn the key principles, benefits, limitations of product life cycle analysis in addition to obtaining a detailed walk through of a proven four step process for performing product life cycle analysis:

  1. Defining the scope of the analysis
  2. Identifying the life cycle stage
  3. Forecasting sales
  4. Developing strategic hypotheses and plans

If you have any role in product development, marketing strategy or sales forecasting you must know product life cycle analysis. Lean on the team at Expert Toolkit to get you mastering this method quickly, with minimal stress.

This How-to Guide is available online to our Premium Members. It is not available for separate purchase for non-members but is included in our Mastering Market Analysis Mega Bundle which is available electronically and in print. Browse the complete collection of Expert Toolkit Bundles to find the right one for your needs.


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