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Mastering Market Segmentation Analysis

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A critical analytic technique for analyzing customer groups and determining competitive advantage.

Market segmentation analysis is a powerful method that can add value to a business in a range of ways:

  • Accurately define industry and market boundaries
  • Determine the size and characteristics of market opportunities
  • Identify unmet customer needs
  • Customize products, pricing or distribution channels
  • Identify the cost to serve particular customer groups
  • Determine competitive positioning
  • Maneuver competition

In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn the background and purpose of market segmentation analysis in addition to a detailed walk-through of a proven five step process to performing a robust market segmentation analysis:

  1. Define Scope & Objectives
  2. Hypotheses Development
  3. Segment Quantification
  4. Assessing Attractiveness
  5. Assess Capability to Serve

Market segmentation analysis is a foundational capability for driving sustained and profitable growth for any business. Being able to guide and lead an organization through a market segmentation analysis exercise will make you an extremely high value individual.

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