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Introduction to Financial Ratio Analysis

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Financial Ratio Analysis is a versatile method for gaining strategic and operational insight into a company or market.

Used by investment bankers, strategy consultants, financial advisers and market analysts, Financial Ratio Analysis is a proven technique for developing insight on a business or an industry quickly. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll:

  • Learn the fundamentals of financial ratio analysis and how it can add value in a business context
  • Learn the different types and categories of financial ratios and the specific ratios that exist in each category
  • Understand how to calculate a key set of critical financial ratios important for knowing performance, productivity, risk and market dynamics
  • Know how to derive insights about a market or a company by calculating specific financial ratios
  • Know the benefits and the limitations in financial ratio analysis and how ratios can be used to develop business hypotheses

One of the key uses for financial ratio analysis is in developing strategic and operational hypotheses. These hypotheses can be related to operational excellence, productivity, profitability, capital efficiency or a range of other measures. Armed with this insight and hypotheses, you will be able to apply additional targeted analysis to understand what's really going on, root causes and drivers.

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