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How to use Affinity Diagrams

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Drive collaboration, focused analysis and targeted outcomes with Affinity Diagrams!

This Expert Tool will provide you with a working understanding of affinity diagrams. Affinity diagrams are extremely useful in business situations where there is a need to introduce order and structure to seemingly random pieces of information such as customer requirements, pain point analysis, generating business improvement ideas or when capturing the Voice of the Customer (VoC). Armed with the information and techniques described in this document you will be able drive real value to your business or client by:

  • Bringing structure where structure is lacking
  • Driving team collaboration to solve complex business problems
  • Enabling you to facilitate clear outcomes and focus in a team environment

Being able to lead a team workshop using Affinity Diagrams will be a skill you call on again and again.

Document Length: 12 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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