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Initiative Prioritization Map Guide & Template

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A proven framework for categorizing and prioritizing business improvement initiatives.

The Initiative Prioritization Map is a structured framework for displaying, evaluating and prioritizing business improvement projects based on a simple two-by-two framework which generally considers a measure of the value of the initiative against a measure of the risk associated with delivering the initiative. Using this framework, initiatives can be categorized into different treatment groups to take forward.

The Initiative Prioritization Map is ideally suited for use at the conclusion of an “Analysis & Design” project to evaluate potential improvement ideas, recommendations and initiatives. For effective use of the framework, initiatives should have already been identified and scoped to a sufficient level to know the relative business benefit and risk associated with delivery. The framework is also very useful for conveying a view of a prioritized improvement portfolio to senior executives for awareness and endorsement.

The Initiative Prioritization Framework is simple, clear and easy to use – but powerful in its ability to stratify potential improvement initiatives into logical treatment categories to take forward. It is also proven to work well with senior executive business leaders for facilitating decision making on investments and garnering buy-in programs to take forward and those to defer or drop.

Document Length: 7 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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