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Disposable screen wipes - for phone, tablet, laptop, PC.

  • Keep 5-10 of these in your work bag for when you need to clean your device screens. These work much better than re-usable rollers and pads.

    • Individual screen wipes are perfect for TV screens, desktops & displays less than 32". Made of aerospace-approved pre-moistened fabric with a 75% purified water formula, the soft display screen cleaner wipes away residue.
    • Touch screen cleaner wipes are perfect for home, office, technology, aviation & more to protect your display screen from damaging residue. Ammonia- & ethyl alcohol-free screen cleaning formula leaves screens spotless without streaks.
    • These screen cleaning cloth wipes use one swipe in order to clear glasses, phones, laptops, computers & TV screens of fingerprints, grease & other residue. The microfiber cloth has a midrange moisture level for heavier dirt & larger surfaces.

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