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Hypothesis Analysis Guide & Template

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A structured framework for capturing hypotheses and driving fast-paced inductive business analysis.

Hypotheses are developed during an inductive analysis (as compared to deductive analysis) exercise. Hypotheses are educated guesses that are then tested to assess if evidence confirms they are true or if they are false (dis-proven). Hypothesis-based business analysis facilitates fast-paced discovery and development of strategic choices. This Hypothesis-capture template is a proven and structured framework for capturing the necessary information associated with hypotheses as they are explored and tested.

Hypotheses-based analysis is beneficial in facilitating an efficient and timely discovery of problems and opportunities by focusing the analysis effort in areas guided by the professional judgement of people closest to the subject matter. The alternative, deductive analysis, can be very time and effort intensive as it seeks to take a “bottom-up” approach of analyzing all available data to discover problems and opportunities for improvement.

Document Length: 7 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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