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How to run Effective Business Meetings

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Run effective, outcome-focused business meetings like the best. Lead by example and show others what a good meeting looks like.

How many meetings do you have in a week? How many of those meetings are actually well run? Don't fall into the "usual" - learn to run highly productive, engaging, outcome-oriented meetings that drive the business forward. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you will learn to be a meeting master. You learn: 

  • The critical elements required for a meeting to be successful
  • How to design and implement ground rules that are proven to improve meeting effectiveness
  • The key roles necessary for any successful meeting
  • How to create a great meeting agenda
  • The end to end process, from planning to follow-up, for running effective meetings

Just think about how much more impact you will make if you can take your meetings to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency. Others will follow your lead and seek to adopt your role modelling behaviors in no time. Given the amount of time spent in meetings, being a master meeting chair will put you ahead of the pack and accelerate your career.

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