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How to do Brown Paper Process Mapping

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A powerful approach to understanding and improving business and operational processes!

This Expert Tool gives you what you need to start using brown paper process mapping. Brown paper process mapping is a highly effective approach to engage a variety of stakeholders in a collaborative approach to understand the current-state of business processes and rapidly uncover opportunities for improvement. Brown paper process mapping drives real value through:

  • Fostering collaboration and shared understanding of problems and opportunities
  • Allows rapid buy-in of senior management when their support is needed for change
  • It's speed, efficiency at identifying quick wins and delivering improvements through a team-based approach

Being able to lead stakeholders through an effective brown paper process mapping exercise and obtain agreement on improvement opportunities will be a capability that will set you apart from your peers. In this Expert Toolkit you'll learn the proven 8 step method for running a brown paper exercise, loaded with Expert Tips to drive maximum value.

Document Length: 26 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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