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Creating High Impact Executive Presentations

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Learn how to write great executive presentations - an essential skill for effective communication and securing stakeholder buy-in.

There is a wide array of science available about structuring effective communication – but it can be reduced to a few simple principles, the most important of which is "Tell a Good Story". The ability to write and deliver a compelling executive presentation is an essential skill for any consultant, advisor, executive, analyst or aspiring employee who has a message to deliver. This Expert Toolkit Guide is based on the practical experience and proven practices of experts and includes: 

  • What makes a great business presentation and why you need to know how to create one
  • The rule of two
  • The 5 key principles you should follow when building a presentation
  • How to engage your audience with a great story and how to build a storyboard
  • Proven approaches for using a PowerPoint to build a high impact executive presentation
  • Expert Tips for creating powerful and compelling executive presentations

    You'll also get the most common mistakes people make when building PowerPoint decks, telling stories and engaging with audiences - and how to avoid them!

    Document Length: 40 Landscape Pages
    Document Format: PDF

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