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How to create a Balanced Scorecard

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Lift business performance with a proven approach to creating Balanced Scorecards.

This Expert Guide provides you all you need to design and implement a balanced scorecard to lift business performance. A balanced scorecard is a very effective method for driving improved performance:

  • Align the team around the things that matter to deliver great results
  • Set clear and motivational targets that everyone can buy-into
  • Empower the leadership team to focus on the exceptions where intervention is required to meet targets
  • A structured performance review process to monitor results of corrective action.

Being able to lead a team or business unit through the process of establishing and using a balanced scorecard will make you a valuable asset to any organization. This Expert Toolkit will walk you through in detail the 3 step process for setting up an effective balanced scorecard -  as used by operational excellence leaders.

Document Length: 21 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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