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How to be a Great Facilitator

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Learn the key aspects of the art of facilitation - and harness the collective power of groups to set strategy and solve problems.

Some people fear group facilitation as much as they fear public speaking! However, if you can master facilitation you will be an asset to any organization - and will be seen as a true leader who can bring groups along on a journey to solve complex problems. This Expert Guide will walk you through:

  • The key behavioral principles and attributes required to be successful facilitator
  • How to apply facilitation techniques to a variety of business meetings
  • The critical things a facilitator must do to run a successful session
  • How to handle likely difficult situations when facilitating a group session
  • How to prepare effectively to facilitate an event
  • How to encourage participation and work with challenging participants

Facilitation and leadership go hand-in-hand. If you want to be a leader, want to make a greater impact in business - become a great facilitator.

Document Length: 17 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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