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House of Quality Requirements Analysis Tool

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Use Expert Toolkit's House of Quality Requirements Analysis Tool to determine what matters to customers and how to deliver it.

The House of Quality is one of the most versatile and powerful methods for developing and prioritizing customer requirements. It's a one of our favorites due to its ability to bring structure, focus and collaboration to the process of prioritizing customer requirements. That said, some people find it tricky given the number of variables at play. To make it easier and allow you to focus on stakeholder engagement, requirements gathering, workshop facilitation, the team have built a "ready to go" House of Quality Requirements Analysis Tool. It does all the hard work for you - all you need to is enter the data:

  • Customer primary and secondary requirements and their priority
  • Customer rankings against the competition across the requirements
  • Objective performance measures
  • Comparison against the competition across the objective performance measures
  • Interrelationship between performance measures and customer requirements
The tool will calculate the net and normalized importance for each performance measure which will provide guidance on setting appropriate target performance levels for each measure to ensure customer requirements are delivered. The layout and structure of the tool also facilitates easy modification to data to assess the flow on effects.

      The tool comes with instructions on how to use it effectively, however we recommend downloading our Step-by-Step Guide to the House of Quality before using this tool - to ensure you understand the principles and mechanics involved in developing a great House of Quality. 

      This product contains comes in Microsoft Excel format and will be sent to you via secure email within 5 minutes of completion of your order. As with all Expert Toolkit products, this product comes with a complete money-back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied.

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