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Crash Course in Voice of the Customer

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Get to the heart of your customers' critical requirements with the Voice of the Customer method.

Understanding who your customers are and what they want from your product or service is essential to any successful business. The Voice of the Customer method will allow you to apply a structured approach to segment analysis, customer requirements development and process improvement. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn: 

  • About the Voice of the Customer Method and how it can add value in a business context
  • The 4 steps involved in performing the Voice of the Customer Method
  • Essentials tools that can assist with the Voice of the Customer Method, including
    • Affinity Diagrams
    • Kano Analysis
    • Critical to Quality Tree
    • Surveys
  • Through examples of the various artifacts and tools used in the Voice of the Customer Method

    Being a competent practitioner of the Voice of the Customer Method will make you a valuable asset to any organization.

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