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Guide to Successful Resource Planning

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Learn the business critical process of resource planning.

Organizations live and die by the capability, capacity and commitment of their workforce. Having an effective resource planning process in place allows a business to ensure that they have the right resources, with the right skills in the right place at the right time to deliver on strategic and operational priorities.

In this Expert Toolkit Guide we'll: 

  • Provide a clear definition of resource planning and explain the benefits of effective resource planning
  • Outline a proven six-step process for conducting resource planning within an organization
  • Provide sample templates for gathering, presenting data and plans in order to support the resource planning process
  • Share tips and best practices for conducting resource planning effectively

    Understanding the critical nature of resource planning and how to run a proven, structured resource planning process will be indispensable skills and knowledge to anyone wishing to become a future business leader.

    Document Length: 16 Landscape Pages
    Document Format: PDF

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